Golden33 is an Accredited Device
Golden33 Electronic Cigarettes have CE and RoHS certifications.

Golden33 is Eco-Friendly takes into account the ecological characteristics of its products, known as Eco-Friendly, so we have among our goals to offer them electronic cigarettes that do not contain harmful elements, both for their health and for the environment. Golden33 does not contain, tobacco, ash, nicotine or any other chemical and harmful products found in traditional cigarettes:

Golden33 produces water vapor that looks or simulates real smoke, with the advantage that it does not produce waste, such as ash.
With Golden33 you also respect the right of those around you to breathe clean air. With our product, “passive” smokers are over.

Golden33 without restrictions.
Golden33 electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere, even where smoking traditional cigarettes is prohibited. Golden33 electronic cigarettes do not produce the smoke of the traditional cigarette, only a water vapor that simulates it.

Golden33 is Rechargeable
Golden33 is rechargeable, you can use it again and again. With the Deluxe kit you get two rechargeable batteries, which will give you a long life, to your “smoking” experience in a healthy way. The batteries and atomizers come with a one year (12 month) warranty and have been certified. They have in CE and ROhS.

Golden33 It’s Budget

Leaving aside the damages produced by tobacco and the long-term expenses, the monetary cost of smoking traditional cigarettes is much higher than smoking Golden33. Each cartridge is equivalent to 15 or 20 traditional cigarettes. Smoking a Golden 33 is saving more than 60% of the money you spend today on traditional cigarettes and without any risk to your health! What more could you want?”